How to Make a Spear in Sons of the Forest: Early Game Weapon Preparation

A spear is a weapon in Sons of the Woodland, which you can develop at a beginning. This tool is important for cooking and even for the damage to blockages at the entries to the caves. All this makes you understand just how to make a spear in Kids of the Woodland.

How to make a spear for hunting

Below are the products essential for the manufacture of a spear, as well as the methods of their procurement. Blade Scotch Sticks X2 The knife is less complicated to get than others, due to the fact that you do not have to hunt for this. This product is provided to you by default from the actual beginning of the video game. Do not fret; You can not toss or stop out this thing. For adhesive tape, go to the helicopter accident site in this location. Search for something with a blue circle throughout the site while you exist. Because this point with a blue circle is probably the adhesive tape that you are seeking. Getting sticks is much easier than an adhesive tape, because you can locate them pushing the ground. Another way to get a stick is to reduce down a few trees. You can do this by furnishing the ax via the supply and also utilizing it on the trees. All you need to do is to push X on fallen branches to obtain sticks. Because you will certainly obtain a maximum of 5 sticks in Children of the Woodland, comply with the fallen trees. The manufacturing phase takes place after you have actually obtained all the products stated over, needed for the manufacture of a spear in Kids of the Forest. Mark the knife, adhesive tape and also embeds your stock. Having actually done this, you will certainly watch all the products on the screen. Now look for the system option on the display and click it.


By clicking it, you will begin the craft process. In a couple of seconds you will certainly have a spear. With a spear you can hunt for food, killing pets. In certain, you can quite easily catch fish in Children of the Forest utilizing a spear. You can also search for sources in caves that will certainly be very helpful for survival. We recommend a minimum of produce this weapon at the start of the game, otherwise you will certainly run into troubles in survival.