Kim Chang-han of Craftton at 4th Export Strategy Meeting to Discuss Government Support Investment and Esports Interests

Last But Not Least, Head of state Soon Seok-yeol stated, We will sign up with forces with each other, and also we will certainly interact for our export and commercial promotion in 2023.

The video game is one of the most representative exports in the web content market. According to the 2022 Korean Game White Paper, published by the Korea Creative Content Firm, the residential game industry exports raised by 5.8% year-on-year to $86.2865 million (9.9 trillion won).

On the other hand, Head of state Soon Seok-yeol, that paid attention to the individuals' recommendations, claimed, It is the individual who has the biggest assistance of just how to imagine the plan with today's meeting. It is also extremely essential. Currently, the iPhone is additionally a game of style, and also the state requires being strategically supported to make sure that the globe's best style musicians as well as business can expand in the design area.

Agent Kim Changchun of Craft ton attended the fourth Export Strategy Meeting presided over by Head of state Soon Seok-yeol to review approaches to broaden exports.


Before the full-fledged conference, Head of state Soon Seok-yeol claimed, We have actually attained the greatest export efficiency ever regardless of the tough conditions in 2014. I will certainly do my ideal to attain this as well as attain it. Ultimately, the way to break with the dilemma is that it will just be exported and also startup, including that the center of diplomacy will additionally be on the economic situation and exports.

Concerning the game sector, Grafton's representative Kim Changchun was situated. On the day, Kim Changchun claimed, The recent financial investment environment has actually been shrunk, as well as I wish it would be good to make financial investment support procedures such as a game industry for the game sector for small and also medium-sized game business. We will do our best to raise our status as this e-sports' species.