Page Title: Exploring Hogwarts and Opery: Maximum Level in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy you play for a new student, starting from the fifth year. In this role-playing game with the open world, you will explore Hogwarts and surrounding highlands, perform quests and increase the level. As the level rises, you will receive talent points that can be spent on talents. We have an answer if you are interested in what is the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy.

What is the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy?

The maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy 40 level.


As soon as you reach this level, the A Forte for Achievement trophy is unlocked, indicating that there will be no more levels for receiving. Since the level 40 is the level of level, you cannot purchase all the available talents in the Hogwarts heritage. Because of this, it is very important to make a choice of talents wisely.

will the maximum level in the Hogwarts Heritage be increased?

The official announcement of Avalanche Software about whether the maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy will be increased. Perhaps with the introduction of DLC or the New Game Plus mode, the level will be increased so that players can unlock all talents in one passage. In the meantime, try the second passage from another house to try another build or play style, for example, specializing in dark arts and unforgivable curses. There are also small variants of dialogs that you can do in the second passage to see all possible conversations. Looking for more materials from Pro GAME Guides Hogwarts Legacy? Check out our guidelines for how to get mallow leaves in Hogwarts Legacy or Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trial riddles and solutions