Page Title: Shigeru Miyamoto Shares How Nintendo Will Continue After His Retirement

In Nintendo, it is known very well that there are great developers of the video game industry, among them is veteran Shiner Miyamoto, creator of popular franchises such as Mario and Zelda.


However, this has been working in the company for a long time, so the time will eventually come when he will be on his own. The greatness of Miyamoto has been so much for many, that it has wondered what will happen to the company without it, since there are not so many managers that are the face of Nintendo as much as it does. In a new interview with the NPR media, the creative talks about the games that have obtained followers, and would also go to the future. This replied:

You know, I really feel that he will not change. It will probably be the same. There are, you know, people in the executive team, creators within the company and also people who create Mario, all have this sense of what Nintendo means, so it is not that there are many opinions that come and go.

Everyone has an understanding, this type of shared understanding, what it is to be Nintendo. And so, even when new ideas arise, there is always the fact that it is a new idea, but also the fact that it is a new idea that really has the essence of Nintendo or not? And I think that is something that, you know, we have this incredible shared vision, almost a little scary. For now, Miyamoto still has projects on the fly, including Pinyin 4 that is prepared to reach Nintendo Switch in the middle of the year. In addition, he is supervising a lot about Mario's film. Then, there is still time for the creative to end up retiring from that company in which he has worked for decades. Via: Nintendo Life Editor's note: Although he mentions that he will remain the same, if he gives a little feeling to think that we will not see it in future Nintendo Direct emissions.

But he already won retirement, after all he has rested very little.