Rare Relic Found: A Petrified N64 Controller from the Gray Past Discovered on a Botanical Garden Walk

Someone came across an unusual relic from a gray past on the journey to the botanical garden More specifically, about a petrified Nintendo 64 controller. Here were also a couple of other archaeological sensations from the age of the 90s. Well, it's long back...!

hardware humor in the botanical garden.

Reddit's user Baxter rocky exposed and published the corresponding image: Didn't anticipate to see an N64 controller this early morning on a walk through the botanical garden. Recommended editorial content At this point you will discover an external material of Reddit that complements the short article.


You can have it displayed with one click and hide it once again. Enable Reddit content I agree that I am shown by Reddit. Personal data can be sent to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy. Link to the Reddit content In the posted image we can discover ancient hardware baked in stone. In addition to said controller, there is likewise a keyboard from the very first half of the 90s, a mouse, a CD case and what of course should not be missing in this collection, the classic Nokia cellular phone. Now you absolutely desire to know where this botanical garden is with an amusing note. The response can be discovered in the comments. It is the Roma Street Parkland in Brisbane, Australia, precisely said in Queensland. If you want to marvel at this experience yourself, you have to take a slightly longer journey on yourself. Here you will find more articles on curiosities and funny subjects: Ms. Malt Pokémon Based on descriptions: Do you acknowledge the pocket beasts? Nintendo Switch: Fish is mistakenly purchasing credit in the shop and the entire thing is recorded

discussions about the gaming fossil

Obviously there is also a lot of enjoyable in the comment column, nostalgia, however also awe. Spiry shares an interesting discovery: The keyboard is from Windows 95-Sie has no Windows secret: O. Bigot_07 reveals the presumption:. I am quite sure that the Nokia is still working. JR___states unfortunate, which definitely likewise applies to some others here:. I am now so old that the devices of my teenage duration are fossils...

The Nintendo 64 was the follower to the SNES and came onto the marketplace in Europe in 1997. That was 26 years back. The popular game pad style is still as much as date, due to the fact that there is also a N64-style controller for the Change, to name a few retro controllers. Do you also combine sentimental sensations with the controller? How do you discover the amusing idea with the petrified hardware in the arboretum?