VfB Lübeck Keeps Hannover 96 II At Bay: A Draw In The Regionalliga Nord's Top

With a 3-2 success versus Contract Norderstedt, the Hamburger SII reduced on Saturday afternoon to leaders Lübeck. The Hamburg offspring had to shiver for a long time. The hosts got off to a much better start and satisfied the crossbar, amongst other things, in the preliminary. However, the very first objective scored the very first goal at the restart of the recently substituted Sewer for Norderstedt (46th). The red trousers needed a quarter of an hour searching for the ideal answer, however adjusted by Belem in the 61st minute after a complicated situation in the penalty location. Soon afterwards the grant was on the area again. The ball landed at Belem via Nabisco and Men got, which pressed into the left corner (73. ). Everything appeared to be lacking the 5th HSV series triumph prior to Grendel scored the equalization deep in added time (90. +4). Referee Borowski had obviously liked the video game, since after the 2-2 it was still not over. And so Belem crowned his efficiency with his third goal in the 6th minute of stoppage time.

department of points in Eden

After the terrible events around the death of amongst her teammates, the league life began with an away game for SSV Weddell II on Saturday afternoon. The journey went to s Eden, for which it will probably just have to do with biding farewell out of the league in this season. At least in the 1-1 win versus Weddell. After a goalless and well-balanced very first half, the visitors went in front soon after the break. When attempting to attempt Freeport (48th), Schuchardt did not leave the happiest impression. Eden combated his method back into play and matched through Stiffens, who headed a cross from Osman (69. ). Both sides still had the opportunity to win, however ultimately it remained with the draw.

Kiel II increases distance from risk zone

With Holstein Kiel II and the BSV Redden, two teams from the lower third were straight opposed. Both came into play with different requirements. While the 2nd division children went into the trend-setting duel with confidence from 7 unbeaten league charges, the last league and test video games led to the black and white little nerve. The 4th league in series was followed on Saturday afternoon, although Redden was not necessarily the worse group. After a goalless very first half, Lille handled the Kiel offspring in the 62nd minute. Lesser had the right response 4 minutes later on, but an own goal from Job brought Redden with a point win quickly prior to completion (82nd).


no winner in the top game

Third to the very first it was stated in Hanover on Sunday. Without feeling excellent, both teams started playing. The Prius from Lübeck tried to possess the ball, the 2nd division reserve attempted to set accents through counterattacks. In the 15th minute, one of them resulted in the lead through a proud, which hit massively from an intense angle. The Hanoverian attack efforts then decreased and CFB was the more active group. However, the leaders at first found no response. The very best chance belonged to Barron Pu lido, which, nevertheless, just hit the crossbeam (35th). Accordingly, the narrow home trip went into the cabins. The beginning of the 2nd half came from the hosts. Loyal's tried shot also only had the entablature fidgeted. With increasing playing time, Lübeck took control again. In the 68th minute, Killed handled to make up for a flank on the 2nd post. The guests then pushed the win, but left even more opportunity unused. Since only a little came from Hanover, it remained with the draw. Lübeck loses a few of his lead at the top, but is still comfortable in front of the junior varsity of Hamburger SV with a four-point lead.

Welder II strikes in added time

Blau-Weiß Lone experienced a bitter Sunday afternoon at Welder Bremen II at the league debut of coach We More. Just the promoted by Kickoff gathered the equalization by Deal (1st) within a few minutes (6th). After a lot of things indicated a tie, the Federal Bundesliga offspring in added time closed again two times through Kuhn and ex-Bundesliga expert Barred and therefore kept three important points in the relegation battle in Bremen.

Averse distanced Bremen SV

The re-start for the 2nd Bremen club in the Regionally Word was entirely effective. The Bremen SV in your home on Spangenberg in the six-point game against TSV Averse conceded the goal too quickly. It was 1-0 (30th) to the Time-out Havelse-everything was still open. After the change of sides, avoidable objectives rapidly led to a clear rating. Once Again Engulfing (56th) and Seinfeld with two objectives guaranteed the 4-0 final score and essential Haveler points in the relegation battle.

Ruder counters Gotten

The SC Cache Flensburg lags behind its own needs even after the winter break and needed to be pleased with a draw with the relegation-threatened VFV 06 Hildesheim. The home group went through Gotten in the 52nd minute in the front of the poor. Ruder struck the visitors only 60 seconds later on. There were no more objectives.

Mortensen gathers essential points

Teutonic Mortensen protected three essential points in the relegation race against Phoenix Lübeck. The Hamburgers laid the structure for success in the initial stage with two objectives from Lefkowitz (10th) and Steno (17th). The third goal for the house group prevented the crossbeams prevented before the break. In the 2nd area, Phoenix managed to link through Hyena (79. ), which was too late to take something countable en route home to Lübeck.

Drochtersen/Asset turns open in the final minutes

We played an actually excellent video game here for over 85 minutes, said St. Pauli's coach Lard Sherman after the video game. Eventually, none of this assisted, due to the fact that after the final whistle there was still a 2: 5 defeat on the scoreboard in Drochtersen/Asset. The air in the table cellar continues to end up being thinner for the 2nd division offspring. In the meantime, FC St. Pauli II led 2-1. Said (46.) and Fulbright (49.) turned a 0: 1 break behind shortly after the restart. Sabot ta succeeded in 2-2 in the 67th minute. In the final phase, the home group then plainly developed. Only from the Reith scored 3: 2 (86th). Sonoyta (89th) and Rock (90. +3) provided the final rating.

Belem battles Norderstedt late