- Destiny 2: How to Start and Complete the Terminal Overload Activity

The city of Nominal is as treacherous as beautiful, with many secrets hidden behind waves of enemies seeking to finish your day. Nominal also houses a lot of new challenges in which to participate, with an activity called Velocity Terminal that makes players a quick end. The reward for completing the event is huge, and if you are one of the many who seek to participate, this is what you need to know how to start and complete the terminal overload activity in Destiny 2.

How to start the terminal overload activity in Destiny 2

Image source: Bungee through Finding a terminal speed event is relatively simple; Open your minima pa, and will be in one of the three different parts of Nominal. When clicking on it, the pairing for you will begin, since Velocity Terminal commission 1-3 players who work together to fight the enemies in AHIMA Park. That said, you must advance in the Nightfall campaign, since you can only address this activity once you have access to the Nominal Vendor. Also for a good reason, since this event can be very challenging with the maximum limit established in 1810.

How to complete the terminal overload activity in Destiny 2

Once you are ready to face the overload terminal, start the event and prepare for a fight. Like the previous event of three men, Escalation Protocol, Overload terminal sees three players complete a variety of tasks in three stages. Mainly, you will face Vex and Cabal in three waves of growing difficulty. Once you reach the completion of a wave, also known as defeating 100% of the enemy forces, you will be assigned the task of completing a task such as capturing a Vex plaque or defeating a specific mini-chief. The goal will always be on the left side of the screen, but be careful, since each wave and objective has an attached timer. The final stage is the battle against the boss, and like a fight related to Destiny, you will enter a stage of damage where you can fill them with lead. Whenever you do enough damage, the boss will enter an invulnerable state, and you must destroy an object to break that state. These objects are always marked, do not fear, since you will know where to look for. That is all you need to know how to start and complete a terminal overload activity in Destiny 2. To get more advice and tricks, see our section related below. Related Posts All destiny 2 expansions in order How to get the Strand subclass in Destiny 2 How to complete We Stand Unbroken in Destiny 2 (Week 1) How to get ice curve catalyst in Destiny 2 How to complete VEX input blocks in Headlong of Destiny 2