UPset Joins Team Vitality in the LEC - Europe's Best Shooter Finds New Home

Photo source: Riot Games When we expected a quiet market closure for LEC spring split, Team Vitality has assaulted the bank. The French organization would sign Fanatic's Upset and change to its starting shooter with the aim of taking another step and getting to be in the final phases of the renewed EMEA of League of Legends competition. This information, of course, has been filtered by two of the insiders reference at the moment of the sector, such as Eros and Anonymous. At the moment in their news, they have not given more details about the operation, in which we presuppose that the bees will have had to pay a Buyout to Fanatic, even if it is low, to get the services of the German shooter.


An exit through the back door

Upset arrived two years ago to FANATIC with the aim of reaching an important appointment at the international level and confirming the expectations set on him from his stage at Schalke 04. FANATIC did not miss Reckless in this regard and with the German in the Greta, they set very good performances in Europe and were considered by many as the best Bot Lane in Europe. Unfortunately, problems outside him, they have prevented him from giving his best version in international events. In his first Worlds he had to go the day before starting the competition, for personal issues and in the edition of last year, the coronavirus prevented him event, and still took a map at T1. After the second week debacle and the subsequent elimination, the British organization tried to look for a new home to Upset, but at the last moment the agreement was truncated with Vitality himself. With Reckless as the main shooter, the German shooter went to the bench and tried to find a new opportunity in Europe that he would have achieved with bees. With this signing, he stays out neon, another talented and promising shooter who has not had his best split and has paid the consequences of this with this substitution.

We will see if you find a destination soon or wait for summer to try to return to LEC or sign for a team with ERA potential.